Our Philosophy

Genuine people, innovative in spirit and dedicated to a positive future for travel, this is the Abellio Way.

It is our people and our approach that make us different. We know that to succeed as a business, the transport industry must be in good shape. Our way, the Abellio Way, allows our people to have the freedom to be themselves so that they can achieve their full potential, not only while they are with us, but throughout their entire career; this is our commitment to travel as a whole.

Our role in transport extends beyond the journey from a-to-b. With our international heritage and our policy of sharing best practice, not just amongst ourselves, but across the wider transport industry, we provide thought leadership and truly innovative ideas which make a positive contribution to the communities we serve. Our business practices are not exclusively profit driven and we will always work closely and creatively with our clients to achieve the best solutions for our passengers. That's because we are dedicated to our partnerships and take our role as custodians of public transport seriously, for both the short and long term.

We challenge the traditional conventions of travel so that we can provide better quality, safer, more convenient transport services that genuinely benefit our clients and customers, and we do it the Abellio Way.

So what is the Abelio Way?

Combined with our ambition to grow a sustainable portfolio of public transport businesses in Europe by further expanding within our existing markets and exploring new markets, we have a broader vision to deliver public transport services that serve our clients and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

To deliver this, we follow the Abellio Way, a strategic framework that provides a common way of working with our clients, stakeholders and each other. The Abellio Way is made up of several elements, including:

Core values

For Abellio people, these four core values form the principle that guide the way we work. For our clients and customers, they are the service you can expect when you work with us.
We are genuine, professional, proactive and inclusive.

Strategic foundations

Our strategic foundations define our approach to fulfilling our vision for the future.

  • Our customer is king
  • We think from door-to-door
  • We are cost conscious
  • We make the difference by working together
  • We care about our environment
  • We work throughout Europe

Areas of excellence

Our areas of excellence, along with consistently delivered core processes, highlight our competitive advantage in today's public transport industry.

  • We have a long term commitment to sustainable growth
  • We focus on outstanding talent management
  • We have a superior and committed approach to partnership
  • We create a culture of driving continuous improvement
  • We lead innovation and change capability

These elements collectively represent the very essence of Abellio; it is what differentiates us, making us unique in the world of public transport.